Automic Nervous System Disorders  is an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, people suffering from this disorder affect the functions of the nervous system and organs in the body such as: Digestive, urinary, blood pressure, sweating, cardiovascular… Dysfunction of the autonomic nerous system can cause a number of symptoms including: Dizziness, dizziness, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, indigestion and excessive sweating.

What are Autonomic Nervous System Disorders?

Automic Nervous System Disorders is a disease of the automic nervous system affecting the nervous system affecting the nervous system. Most patients with this disorder will be born with poor neuromotor functions and poor neuromotor functions that cause signaling between  nervres and throughout organs in the body. body. Affects important body functions such as digestion, urinary and blood pressure, sweating, cardiovascular.

Autonomic neuropathy is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system that regulates the functions of internal organs in the body, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and body temperature. One of the people with autonomic dysfunction often has difficulty regulating one or more systems causing dizziness, fainting, dizziness, lightheadedness, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, chest difficulty breathing…


Autonomic Nervous Sytem Disodes Vietnamese name is a vegetative nervous disorder

Therefore, autonomic dysfunction is an imbalance between the two sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, suggesting that these two systems are opposite but have a mutual relationship. If one of these two nervous systems is disturbed, it will lead to autonomic neuropathy syndrome. In some patients with symptoms of autonomic dysfunction causing heart palpitations, it is diagnosed as a cardiac neurological disorder, which helps the heart beat faster, even constricting the coronary arteries, causing the patient to have chest pain, heart palpitations. quickly makes the patient feel anxious, nervous, palpitations, sometimes feeling down.

The point of note for people suffering from this disorder is that the episodes of the disorder often have no rules at all and the attacks can end suddenly, in the normal healthy body, but come to an end. In the afternoon and evening, the symptoms of dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, anxiety, fear, tinnitus, sad limbs appear more and more severe in the evening. There are many people around who think that patients pretending, do not want to work, get tested for diseases are within the normal range, making the patient confused, feel uncomfortable, doubtful, and don’t know who to talk to. This lack of communication is also the cause of depression.

Diagnosis of Autonomic Nervous System Disorders

Autonomic Nervous Sytem Disodes appears with common symptoms such as: decreased muscle tone, loss of bladder control and abnormally high blood pressure, nervousness, anxiety, anxiety, heart palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Irregular sweating is one of the most commonly occurring symptoms.

The diagnosis and treatment are very difficult and prolonged, although the disease is not fatal, it greatly reduces the quality of life, affects work and life, but also causes discomfort for patients. and long-term change the psychology of the patient. Because the nature of the disease is not dangerous, the patient is often not cared for properly, being denied treatment makes the patient worry, causing discomfort for the patient.


Dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus are symptoms of vegetative nervous system disorder

According to the Oriental Medicine perspective, the diagnosis of vegetative neuropathy has other names such as: Cardiac neuropathy, sympathetic nervous system disorder, parasympathetic disorder, neurasthenia… Psychosis Plant nerve in Oriental medicine is also known as dysfunction due to high levels of nervous activity, excessive stress, unwanted stimulation. If not treated in time, it will make the disease become more and more severe, the body will be weakened, the organs in the body will be weakened, the yin and yang qi and blood will be discordant, causing disordered symptoms.

The diagnosis of the disease, finding the cause of the disease will make treatment easier. Patients often have mental stimulation or mental stress that causes long time, anxiety, and excessive nervous activity, which is also the cause of the disorder. Distinctive features of this disease appear symptoms, different manifestations such as heart palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, sobbing heart, mental insecurity, fear, flowers. eyes, dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, nausea, belching, bloating, and more.

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Patients with autonomic and vestibular disorders

Treatment of Autonomic Nervous System Disorders

To prevent and treat diseases of the autonomic nervous system, it is advisable to regularly practice deep breathing in combination with daily massage of the upper navel area, which is very effective. For the treatment of Autonomic Nervous Sytem Disodes, treatment with Southern medicine is both safe, benign, and especially effective, without causing side effects affecting health.

Autonomic neuropathy affects many passive functions such as: Heart rhythm disturbances, blood pressure, sweating and digestion leading to feelings of fatigue, irritability, constipation and causes other symptoms. other consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to treat autonomic dysfunction as soon as possible so that the functions can work properly again to avoid extremely dangerous complications.


Yoga exercises help repel plant nervous disorders effectively

Linh Tien Duoc male drug product was born to promote the effect of helping the elderly or depressed nervous excitement, optimism, joy and relaxation, healthy body. This is also one of the methods of treating neurovegetative disorders that is chosen and trusted by many people. Not only because it is safe, benign, does not cause dangerous side effects affecting health.

It is no longer important for the patient to have a proper diet and rest, to regularly exercise daily, to massage. The belly above the navel is also a way to help cure the disease quickly. Using Linh Tien Duoc to help “repel” vegetative nervous disorders based on the quintessence of Traditional Medicine along with 8 generations of heirloom herbal remedies are extremely effective.

With ingredients of 100% natural herbal ingredients, it is very benign, safe, and effective. It is sought by herbalists in the mountains and grown in the garden of a pharmacy. After that, it is preliminarily processed and combined with the traditional method, making it easy for the patient to use the medicine, without taking time like traditional Chinese and herbal remedies, through the hands of Linh Tien Duoc. Herbalists have helped patients simplify their treatment. Therefore, patients are completely assured that the ingredients and ingredients of the drug are all herbal, so it is very benign, without causing any other side effects. Patients are completely assured for treatment, with the desire to help many patients to be completely cured of the disease is the joy of the pharmacy.

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Linh Tien Duoc medicine to treat vegetative nervous disorders

To prevent autonomic neuropathy, patients need to adhere to the following to shorten the treatment time: Think positively, maintain exercise and have a healthy lifestyle, give up stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, coffee and some stimulants. Regular practice of exercises such as: Yoga, meditation will help repel autonomic disorders effectively. Breathe deeply, massage the area above the navel daily.

In search of a herbal medicine facility to treat chronic diseases such as Autonomic Nervous Sytem Disodes, Loi Phuc Duong is a reputable pharmacy that has helped thousands of patients cure their disease. The choice of male medicine Linh Tien Duoc is an extremely effective choice, not only to completely cure diseases but also to ensure that taking the drug does not cause other side effects like Western medicine. With the mindset of bringing the best treatment to patients, the pharmacy is constantly learning and trying to improve every day in terms of expertise and working style.

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